Dear Customers,
Since establishment in 1967, Daewoo Corporation had been actively expanding its business territories to most of the world markets.

In those periods as a general trading company, Daewoo-man had been trained and devoted
themselves to explore and develop untrodden global markets.
Daewoo Networks Co.,Ltd., established by those ex-Daewoo-man, aims to become an overseas market expert by succeeding such Daewoo spirits, and to support small and medium enterprises to grow in the global markets.

With reinforced challenge spirit and extensive experience in exploring the global markets, we hope to work together with all those small and medium enterprises to go further for mutual success.

Daewoo Networks Co. Ltd. offers wide range of service and expertise in handling various commodities all over the world together with those experts of ex-Daewoo man.
In addition to the support for overseas market development, we also are offering necessary managerial consulting services for small and medium enterprises..
We, Daewoo Networks Co. Ltd., promise to exert our best efforts to support the small and medium enterprises as a reliable partner for mutual benefits.


K.B. Yang

President & CEO



As you might know well, Daewoo Corporation(“Daewoo”), established in 1967 as a trading company, was the largest general trading and investment company in Korea in 1980-1990s, and always tried to be a leader in exploring and developing the global markets, especially emerging markets.
Daewoo Networks Co., Ltd. was established by those ex-Daewoo man, cherishing such passion and challenge spirit to explore the markets.

We primarily aims to support small and medium enterprises’ trade business and to provide relevant managerial advisory services, eventually to share the growth together, by utilizing the extensive experiences in the world markets and human networks of ex-Daewoo man staying all over the world.